Our mission

Avant Technology is Ecogenia trademark, Italian leader in environment innovation. Ecogenia is known for the quality of its products, professionalism of its staff and after-sales service provided!

Avant focused in producing innovative system made for mixing detergents on site. The objective is to make available to the customers products which have a limited impact on the environment while ensuring hygiene.

Coral, world premiere, treats water making it suitable for cleaning, it produce liters of detergent from a small amount of concentrated products. This has been developed by Avant specialists. Said Marco Benvenuti, Sales Manager of the Professional division: “Today all cleaning products on the market consist largely of water, which dilutes the chemicals responsible for degreasing and hygienizing. When buying cleaning products as a company, you must create a real warehouse full of bottles filled mostly of water. Waste of space and resources, as well as unnecessary pollution, caused by transportation and disposal. Avant technology solves these problems reducing business costs”.

Avant Detergenza professionale

Avant technology aims to reduce bottles transportation and encourage its reuse, by on site production of cleaning products. This is possible to Coral, by cleverly blending purified water (more likely binding with cleaning products) using concentrated products. The essence of the product is: mixing small quantity of detergent in purified water unsing Acqualife technology, to obtain the perfect mixing in terms of efficecy per square meter, wetting, saponification and dirt disruptive power. Resoulting in limited and controlled cost for cleaning, reduced packaging (up to 99%), precise and accurate inventory, reduced storage space.

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